Fig 1. Lee Rapira – Waiere (2017) Digital image

The following is an account of Wairere by Kylie McCormick (2013).

Wairere followed the path cut by his brother Waihou and changed direction before he reached Horeke. He encountered a rough patch of land filled with boulders. Wairere found that the boulders were interesting shapes, and he wanted to bring one back to prove his story.

Unfortunately, the boulder proved exceptionally heavy, and he made it back to Waihou’s path. There, exhaustion overtook him, so he fell asleep with the boulder still atop his head. He has not yet shaken the load from his shoulders, so he remains there, sleeping most of the time from the weight over his head.

Even to this day, waka (ships, canoes) may be upset by this stone if Wairere stirs in his sleep, or, worse yet, if he half-awake attempts to take revenge for his plight.

Fig 2. View from the platform down the Wairere Boulder valley towards the Hokianga Harbour


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Fig 2:
Schaad, Rita & Felix (2005-15) Photo Library
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