2018 – A continuation

1/200 sec. f/18 205 mm ISO 200
Much clearer  1/200 f/18 ISO 200
Fig 21. Flo 1/500 sec. f/5.6 300 mm

A Day in the Life Of. These photos were taken between 20th August – 16th September 2017 and although that time period is roughly 5½ weeks, these photos are representative of what can happen in just one day.

Time Project Poster

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Chris Hill
Gotcha! @ Chris Hill – Photo by Lee Rapira 2017

Night shots

Dog Shoot – 4 October 2017


Slurp filter

This photo was taken on top of Nobbys Mountain where Magic Mountain Resort resides. It hugs the coast and is the first and highest vantage point south of Surfers Paradise. Tuesday, 24 October 2017

30 sec. f/14 18 mm ISO 1600

More photographs and musings can be found here






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